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  Welcome to our photo page of the Scottcraft Race boat Web-Site a Division of Aim Outboard Recycling.  Here are some pictures of what we do and what we have produced over the last few years. We hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to get a quote on your motor rebuild, restoration, or modifications, e-mail us at the link below and we will be happy to supply you with one. If you are looking for parts please visit our e-bay store at the link below, we are updating there all the time and will add new and used part frequently. 

Here is a NEW Scottcraft Designed DSH and a new 44XS delivered in the fall of 2005.  hyddf1.jpg (105808 bytes)
Here is a Scottcraft Built DSH built for a local CDN Racer. The throttle cut-out in the coaming side was done for the customer to mate up with his current 25 boat that has the cut out.  hydroracer.jpg (64155 bytes)
This is a Scott-Craft DSH boat built in 2002, I built this boat for myself and have ended up running it more in D-mod then in Stock. Columbia I has more then her fair share of wins to date.  BOAT2+.jpg (195042 bytes)
This is out latest designed DSH boat as of 2006. There will be three of these on the water by the spring of 2008 as well as an FEH and DMH version.  dsh.jpg (24729 bytes)
Here is a picture of one of our completely new 44XS motors. This is one of our Mariner built engines you will notice the grey paint on the mid-section. mar3.jpg (73964 bytes)
This is a picture of part of the shop. The engine completion room. This is where all the parts come together to form a new complete motor. shop1.jpg (99317 bytes)
Here is a shot of the first motor we did well underway.  44pic3.jpg (229310 bytes)
Here is a picture of our remanufactured 44XS 1:1 Gears. DSC01033.JPG (308086 bytes)
Here is a picture of one of our D-Modified power-heads. The internals on the exhaust and all of the porting are CNC machined. Then practically 2 full days go into fitting and port matching the pipes in place, this motor also features our own water cooling design. DSC01718.JPG (216908 bytes)
Here is a picture of one of our new 44XS motors after break-In procedures this is at speed at 82 MPH on Radar. dshbunky.jpg (438599 bytes)
Here is a picture of a C-mod Mercury that we assembled for a local Racer. As most "c" Mercs are this one should be a screamer as well. Notice the custom fabricated throttle assembly designed by Scottcraft Boats.  30hmod5.jpg (186526 bytes)
This is picture of one of the steps of restoration we perform this is after being glass beaded and painted with epoxy primer. This is drying and waiting to fill any imperfections in the housing. DSC02098.JPG (212090 bytes)
Then this picture shows how they turn out when completed. This housing has two coats of PPG DBC-2000 Base coat and then two Coats of Urethane Clear after a couple days. DSC02109.JPG (221657 bytes)
This is a picture of the finished restoration, this is a 1959 55H-1. This block feature cast but not drilled or tapped bleed holes as well as the early bolt on Tuner plate and is a true 1959 55H-1. DSC02178.JPG (213114 bytes)
 This is a picture of a 1958 Mark 30H that we are restoring. It feature the Right three screw transfer port covers and the Kiekhaefer 4D-2 Magneto as per this Vintage. This is painted with PPG Base/Clear paint as well. DSC02206.JPG (212235 bytes)
This is a picture of our finished 55H-1 faceplate This is a rare and hard to find item. This is an OEM part traded to me for what I equate to my first born but it was worth every item. I have about 10-12 hours into this face-plate with the painting and masking of blue and white. faceplate.jpg (92268 bytes)



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