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Aim Marine Inc. is a full marine engine service center and machine shop with over 25 years experience. We are the only full line Tohatsu Outboards and Duras Inflatable dealer in Ottawa. We offer great service, fair prices & an excellent selection of marine parts & accessories, we also offer winterizing, shrink wrap services and outdoor winter storage. We are located in the Reis industrial park just off Carp Rd. 2KM north of the 417.

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2015 Tohatsu 40 & 50HP 4 Stroke RE-POWER SALE

**SALE extended until January 31st, 2015**

We will match all CDN competitors written quotes

2015 40 or 50HP Available in all configurations:
- Short or Long Shaft
- Remote or Tiller
- Power Trim and Tilt
- Controls or Multi-Function Tiller Included
- Water Separator, Fuel Line, Control Cables Included
- Flush Port and Adapter and Prop Included
- 5 Year Limited Warranty Included
- Order NOW - We will register the warranty in the Spring on Delivery
- Installation Labor up to 6 hours included
- First year winterization parts included

***MFS40 Special Price $7188.00 INC HST***
***MFS50 Special Price $7688.00 INC HST***

* We price match CDN on-line sellers of Tohatsu Outboards and Duras Boats!
* engines have to be installed at our location for warranty
* deposit required on ordering.
* delivery available now thru spring 2015.

Welcome FAB-TECH "Silver Dolphin" Boats

We have searched for a while, to offer an independant boat line to our customers; that we are proud to stand behind. Silver Dolphin boats are made in Canada and based in NL. These Fully welded marine grade AL hulls, have been proven to stand the test of time. They have been in business for 30+ years and manufacture hulls from 14' open runabouts to 80+' barges. There are pre-designed packages in the common 14-16' open, runabout, dual console and bowriders with models up to 25' center console, cuddy cabin etc. All the hulls have a std list of included options, they also offer a large list of custom options to further customize the boat to your needs. Call us for more details! They are a perfect match with Tohatsu Outboards.

Outboard Motor Restoration

Custom Restored 1959 Mark 55H-1 Racing Engine We have restored many outboard motors, specializing in vintage Mercury Mark series racing engines. You may already have a running engine and would like to clean it up or just have the powerhead looked over but some may opt to have the engine completely restored.

We offer the correct paint codes for the Mark series racing engines & many more. We use the correct primers & custom mixed base-clear coat paints to give a long lasting durable finish. If we run into a situation where the parts are not available, we can have them re-manufactured. An example, we had pistons re-manufactured using the latest technolgy by Wiseco to fit many years of vintage 50hp motors. Budgets do not always allow for remanufactured parts; we then search our large collection of used vintage parts. Whatever your restoration needs we can supply you with a beautiful motor that you will be proud to add to your collection.

Outboard Rebuilding and Re-Conditioning

Our Kwik-Way FWS Boring Bar Rebuilding an Outboard Motor is a detailed process; precise measurements, port chamfering & ring clearances to name a few, all of these determine the engines durabilty & performance following the rebuild. The equipment used to recondition a cylinder is important, the boring tooling must be straight and true & some engines require special cutters, these tool-bits are known as "off-set" cutters and are used on blind-hole cylinders. These cutters would be used on Mercury engines from 1950 to some current models. Cylinder honing tools are important; and most cylinders depending on the engines port layout require different hone stone configurations. The different grit of stones used & the final finish created on the cylinder walls determine the engines longevity, reliabilty & performance following the rebuild.

Outboard Lubrication & Performance

Klotz Super-Techniplate Synthetic Racing Oil Outboard Motors use in most cases a full complement bearing arrangement some may be housed in cage and some are just loose needle bearings. But the point is, those bearings are in constant contact with the crankshaft. So your choices of oil are very important for trouble-free boating. Oil, Is it marketing? Is there a difference?  Yes, there are major differences in outboard motor oils. It is the oil's base formula that is important. Klotz performance lubricants is always our first choice for engine oil as well as extreme pressure gear oil for the lower unit. Their base formula across all lines has remained the same throughout the years. We use Klotz "Super-Techniplate" in racing engines and "Techniplate" in our pleasure engines. We recommend it to everyone.

Outboard Motor Maintenance

Aim Tune-Up Icon Tune-ups should be a yearly item for your outboard motor. ignition, carburetion and compression are all that keep your outboard motor running strong, if any of these fail you are sitting on shore. ignition parts today are mostly solid-state devices, but they still connect together via wiring and have introduced new problems like wear points & heat. Yearly Lubrication of wear points and inspection of your ignition components wiring can help to prevent surprise problems.

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